Service and Support Administrators are intended to be the initial and primary point of contact for individuals and families who are seeking services and supports.

The responsibilities of the SSAs are:

*Establishing individual’s eligibility for services.
*Developing plans for individuals so they can get the services they want and need.
*Helping individuals to be more connected in their communities.
*Establishing budgets for needed services.
*Helping individuals to identify qualified service providers of their choice.
*Ensuring that services meet the needs of the individual.
*Monitoring and ensuring health and safety.
*Ensuring that each individual served has a designated person to provide representation, advocacy, advice, and assistance related to the day to day coordination of services in accordance with his/her plan.
*Assisting families to make future life plans for their family member with a developmental disability when they are no longer able to provide direct support.
*Supporting and empowering individuals so that they may make informed choices for themselves.