Strategy 1:  We will continually seek ways to operate efficiently and seek revenue sources that will maintain current services and provide opportunities for growth.


  • Determine effect of reduced property tax collections due to DP&L closing in June 2018 and deregulation coming to an end.
  • Maximize funding streams to offset state and local funding cuts by ensuring we are capturing full reimbursement for MAC and TCM.
  • Share projected levels of revenue, expenditures, and fund balances annually with the Finance Committee, Commissioners, and Auditor in order to ensure all are informed and levy needs are monitored.
  • New tax levy must be approved by commissioners to offset the loss of tax base.  Plan is to be on May 2018 Primary Election ballot.
  • Seek any available grants that generate revenue designed to expand services.
  • One Waiver Waiting List was put into effect in 2017.  Strive to continue giving Level One Waivers through refinancing and other waivers when they are available from DODD.
  • Fully implement and utilize the software programs and technology to their fullest extent, allowing us to go paperless whenever possible.
  • Switch individuals currently on Level One Waivers to state-funded Self-Waivers to lessen the Medicaid Match money, while provide more services to those individuals living with aging caregivers and/or independently.
  • Continue to share Early Intervention services with Brown County.

Strategy 2:  We will increase the quality and effectiveness of both internal and external communication to stakeholders and constituents.


  • Explore opportunities to increase awareness of board programs and services.
  • Train staff members regularly on the importance of quality communication that is based on cooperation between and among departments, staff, families, individuals served, and other constituents, stressing the importance of cooperation and open communication.
  • Expand communication with families, friends, and providers of individuals served so that all are informed regarding activities, schedules, routines, and performance.
  • Provide training opportunities for families and individuals, as needed and requested.
  • Develop and maintain a current list of community-based events, clubs, and programs available within this region for our individuals to access or join.
  • Continue to distribute a quarterly newsletter to all individuals, parents, guardians, agencies, providers, and elected officials.
  • Website and Facebook Page to be kept current.  Social Media Policy enforced among staff and independent/agency providers.

Strategy 3:  We will take the necessary steps to streamline our operations, striving to provide the best possible programs and services that meet county needs and that are not duplicative in nature.


  • Maintain the lead coordinator for Adams County Transition Team.
  • Place a greater emphasis on transition at all ages in both school districts so that meaningful transition plans are developed and implemented.
  • Develop a plan to ensure Service and Support Administrators are active participants in applicable service coordination cases involving children with Individual Education Plans and under the custody of Children Services.
  • Update all county board policies and procedures to reflect organizational changes and changes in state rules.
  • Continue as the Partner Coach under the NACDD inclusion grant.
  • Continue providing additional services under the Early Intervention DODD Pilot Project.

Strategy 4:  We will become a trusted and valued resource to providers of services.


  • Develop a communication plan to ensure mandated provider training needs are met.
  • Develop annual Provider Logs to ensure monthly MUI/UI and service documentation sheets are being completed and turned in to the county board.
  • Maintain the County Board Website so beneficial information, forms, links, and contacts are always accessible.
  • Help assist providers with the certification process.
  • Offer training directly related to providers when appropriate.
  • Continue to send correspondence to all providers twice a year and include a program newsletter.
  • County Board will continue to provide the nurse for private providers of day services and waiver recipients.   

Strategy 5:  We will strive to be a customer-driven organization, continually tailoring and shaping programs and services to respond to the voice of our stakeholders, specifically those who access our services.


  • Develop annual goals that are directly driven not only by this strategic plan but also by annual feedback received from individuals served and their families.
  • Strengthen the voice of those served by encouraging involvement in self-advocacy groups.
  • Sponsor Project Stir self-advocacy training and networking events.
  • Share information about civic clubs and encourage membership.
  • Inform individuals of Medicaid changes that impact them and seek their input when appropriate.
  • Vary the methods by which we seek input so that all voices can be heard.
  • Reach out to dissatisfied individuals and families to learn of their concerns and attempt to meet their needs within the resources provided.
  • Identify unserved/underserved populations and collaboratively problem-solve ways to remove barriers that keep them from accessing services.
  • Continue to assess and refine ISP to be more person-centered.
  • Assist and encourage individuals to seek community employment opportunities as desired.
  • SSA Supervisor will conduct annual quality assurance reviews for non-waiver individuals receiving services paid for by the county board.

January 10, 2018

The following changes have been put into place with reference to the Adams County Board of Developmental Disabilities 2018-2020 Strategic Plan:

  1. Privatization was effective January 1, 2018, after an entire year of planning and implementation.  Venture Productions, Inc, is the private Medicaid Prover taking possession of all 8 vans, to provide transportation services and the building, to provide day and vocational services.
  2. County Board maintains the insurance on the actual leased property.
  3. The County Board maintains 8 offices at the Adams County Job and Family Services building located at 482 Rice Drive for a very affordable monthly fee.
  4. New tax money will be sought as early as May 2018 with levy to be approved by the Adams County Commissioners.  Estimated loss of DP&L closing/Devaluation is a little more than $400,000.
  5. Business Manager has completed all necessary training to complete county board cost reports internally.
  6. Early Intervention DS position maintains status of “Shared Services” with Brown County.  Adams County has the payroll and benefit package and bills monthly for half the cost.
  7. Five State-funded Self Waivers will replace five existing Level One Waivers in 2018 for individuals with increasing needs.
  8. Community Employment has been very successful and will continue through the private provider.
  9. Marketing, Public Relations and Communication will be key tasks for Superintendent in 2018 with the Privatization taking effect and going to the public for additional levy dollars.
  10. Continue to evaluate our FSS/Title XX/Supported Living program dollars to maximize services provided to non-waiver individuals.
  11. DODD Accreditation is scheduled for March.  Goal is for a three-year certification.
  12. Board Policies and Procedures will be updated in 2018.
  13. Personnel Policy Manual will be updated in 2018.